Laboratory Introduction:

Having over 10 years of service experience in the testing and certification industry;

Recognized and authorized by authoritative certification bodies such as NOVA, UL, TUV, CSA, CELAB, ECM, STC, etc;

Received national recognition from ISO 17025 with registration number CNAS L7154;

Our professional technical service team enables us to quickly respond to your needs;




Our company's quality policy statement is: fair, scientific, accurate, and efficient

Conduct fairness: - not subject to interference from commercial, financial, and other aspects, as well as other internal and external administrative pressures, to ensure the fairness of testing behavior;

Scientific methods: Comply with relevant national laws and regulations, select advanced testing equipment according to regulations, norms, and standards, and ensure the scientific nature of testing methods;

Data accuracy: - Certificates and reports should be accurate and without errors in data or conclusions, and errors in other aspects should be minimized to ensure the accuracy of testing results;

Work efficiency: - Complete testing tasks in advance or on time, and issue testing reports within the specified time limit




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