Interpretation -- what certification is required for the export of lithium battery products?

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What is the lowest human demand for WiFi?
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The lowest demand of mankind is battery power!


At present, mobile phones and other products use lithium batteries
Lithium battery as a life extension artifact of mobile phone
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Flammable and explosive

In terms of safety, lithium-ion batteries have been criticized for a long time. In particular, the explosion accident of Samsung mobile phone pushed the lithium-ion battery to the forefront of the storm.

Because lithium is a metal that is particularly prone to chemical reaction and is easy to extend and burn, lithium battery packaging and transportation, such as improper handling, easy to burn and explode, and accidents also occur from time to time. More and more attention has been paid to the accidents caused by the non-standard behavior in packaging and transportation. Many international institutions have issued many regulations, and the management institutions are becoming more and more strict. They improve the operation requirements and constantly modify the regulations and laws.


Therefore, as a lithium battery manufacturer, it is particularly important to ensure the safety of battery transportation and use. So when exporting, what kind of certification is required for lithium batteries? Xiaobian has sorted out some materials to facilitate you to have a simple understanding of lithium battery certification.

UN38. 8 certification  

In order to ensure the safety of air transportation and meet the transportation needs of customers for goods containing lithium batteries, the operation specification of rechargeable lithium batteries, un38, is formulated according to the relevant provisions of the dangerous goods rules of the International Aviation Association 3 (undot).

UN38. 3. Test items generally include:

Height simulation test, thermal test, vibration test, impact test, external short circuit test, collision test, overcharge test and forced discharge test.

IEC 62133 certification

IEC62133 is the most important international standard for lithium ion batteries in the world, and it is also an important basis for iecee-cb certification. At present, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and India have adopted IEC 62133 to formulate their own national standards, which have become an important basis for market access of these countries.

IEC 62133 test items include:

Continuous low rate charging, vibration, high temperature mold shell stress, high and low temperature cycle, reverse charging (nickel battery), external short circuit, free fall, mechanical shock, thermal abuse, extrusion, low voltage, overcharge (different from nickel battery and lithium battery), forced discharge and high rate charging.

Battery MSDS Report

MSDS refers to the operation manual of chemical safety. It is a document description report of the physical and chemical characteristics of chemicals (such as pH value, flash point, flammability, reactivity, etc.) and possible hazards to the user's health (such as carcinogenesis, teratogenicity, etc.).

When transporting battery products, the freight or shipping company requires MSDS report. Without MSDS, the official can't send it, because they won't make MSDS materials for you.

PSE certification    

Suitable for Japan, mainly safety and performance testing.

PSE certification is mandatory for batteries:

The energy density of the battery exceeds 400wh / L; Must be lithium ion batteries, except for medical equipment; Lithium ion batteries for industrial equipment and automobiles / motorcycles.


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