Exploring Guangdong - Beide Shaoguan 2-day Tour

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探寻韶关——贝德韶关两日游“People walk in the air and the scenery is downstream of their feet”

探寻韶关——贝德韶关两日游'Tour' thrills the first glass bridge in Shaoguan, Guangdong Province

★'Drifting' Beijing Zhuhai first drift baizhangya drift

★'View' Yunmen mountain in Shaoguan, one of the eight scenic spots in Ruyuan in ancient times - Xiuding Qiyun

The incentive goal of July is achieved, and the reward is coming~

Elite babies who exceeded the incentive target in July

Finally, we can make up enough mahjong at the 'table for five'


You got up early on July 18
The journey starts at 8:10
You get up at 6:30
I'm still blowing my hair in the dormitory at 7:30
I'm really looking forward to this trip


First day of trip
You went to baizhangya drifting
Choked several saliva
Beyond the surprise, expected
yes or no?


Calm the thrilling drifting
With great curiosity
Went to visit the Maba ruins


The first day is over. Start eating mode
You ordered so many vegetables


The agreed 'table for five' mahjong was replaced by Luchuan and solitaire


The second day of the trip

After eating and drinking, I went to Yunmen mountain scenic spot

Climb the mountain

Took the cable car


Beide's flag is a flapping artifact


Come down the mountain and never forget
Finally, I went to the glass bridge where Xiaobian didn't dare to look down


What the hell is fear?
Step on a hundred feet cliff
Lie down, so easy


Experienced adventure and excitement
I have traveled over mountains, played with water, enjoyed flowers and watched clouds
The two-day trip to Shaoguan is over
Go back and get together next time!

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