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Shenzhen Beide Technology Testing Co., Ltd. Beide (Shenzhen) Product Service Limited is a subsidiary of Beide (UK) Product Service Limited, a testing agency. The company was established in Shenzhen Special Zone in July 2006 in accordance with the law, with a registered capital of 3 million yuan.

The main scope of business includes testing and certification consulting services for electronic products, mechanical products, chemical products, toys, building materials, textiles, agricultural products, and security products, belonging to a third-party independent testing agency.

The company currently has a business area of over 2500 square meters, including a technical center laboratory and sample room of over 1000 square meters, a marketing center business department and customer service department of over 800 square meters, and a management center meeting room, reception area, reception room, manager's room, and finance room of 700 square meters; The venue is spacious, neatly arranged, clean and bright, and 7S management is conscientiously implemented.

The company has various talents, and all testing personnel hold certificates to work. They have the qualification for import and export commodity inspection and quarantine, and have rich experience in testing and product evaluation. They can provide one-stop global certification solutions for our customers. The laboratory has over 200 advanced testing equipment, all purchased from international brands such as Tektronix, Agilent, and R/S in Germany. After being calibrated by nationally recognized metrology institutions, it has been put into use. The company's testing laboratory is established under the guidance of authoritative certification institutions such as UL, SIEMIC, and Rheinland in the United States, in accordance with the ISO 17025 laboratory management system, providing customers with fair and satisfactory testing data, and can provide customers with comprehensive Comprehensive one-stop service.

The company relies on a professional and high-quality technical team, as well as the service tenet of 'professional technology, honesty', and the service philosophy of 'testing achieves a better life'. Beide Testing Agency provides professional and fast third-party product testing services to customers worldwide, providing testing and certification business consulting and guidance. We strive to gain a global reputation with authoritative qualifications and the most professional services, Let your product gain better customer reputation.

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